Transportations, taxi, couriers

Categories of services with examples of demands:

Advertizing distribution

To distribute to passersby of 300 advertizing leaflets near new beauty shop

Services of private carrying

To take me to the address Lagerstraße 2, to stay half an hour there and to return back

Rent of transport

The mini bus for transportation of personal belongings from one apartment on another is necessary

The help when loading and unloading

To unload LKW with products in the territory of a warehouse, the weight of 1 ton

Delivery of goods and production

To bring rolls and bread to 3 shops of one area, the gross weight of 70 kg.

Transportation of goods

To transfer a sofa, the refrigerator and the washing machine from the private house to the apartment

Delivery of goods and drugs

To take in "Vering-Apotheke" medicine according to the recipe and to bring to me