Rules for participants of the service


HamGo service (hereinafter simply "Service") is unique and independent of large commercial organizations an Internet-based platform which is arranged the effective distribution of orders among the potential representatives of the relevant services. Service usually is focused on customers and artists, who presumably are the individuals that use the resource and other HamGo software products ("Software products"), in their spare time. It is important to remember that all information provided should be in German regardless of the language of the site, mobile apps or any other software product. Transferred to the Service of personal data of the customer, such as address, name, phone number, etc. are not published publicly on the Internet and are communicated directly to specific performers. The contractor in turn must be prepared for the fact that it provided data in the form will be passed to the appropriate customer.


The service is not responsible for any failure to provide services in the required volume or poor quality performance of the performers, and cannot guarantee the specified reward from the customer. All the control, from the commencement of the service prior to its actual completion, rests solely with the customer and the contractor. You must understand that the information provided by the participants of the Service, does not pass a preliminary check for accuracy and is used in the form in which it was received from users.


The service establishes very strict rules for its members:
- The customer of services can be limited in access to functions of Service in case of identification of the fact of intended infliction of harm to work of Service or other Software products. Demands of incorrect or questionable content, on the basis of the program analysis of Service, can be not allowed to public viewing. The applications received from the customer and raw in due time, as a rule, before the appointed date and time of a meeting can be automatically cancelled.
- The performer of services can be disconnected from system of informing, and its access to functions of Service is blocked if at commission of the mini-transaction between the customer and the performer the absence fact, at least, of attempt of rendering by the performer of the service demanded from the customer is elicited. Also blocking of the performer is carried out if he not less than 3 times in the period of the activity received a negative comment, after a pre-trial detention of the mini transaction with the customer. Service reserves the right will limit access on other good reasons, for example in cases of causing serious damage to the customer when rendering the service.


The service is not involved in the pricing of certain services and does not prejudge the methods of payment, and does not limit either party in any timeline associated with the provision of services. All the required timeframe, the cost of services, exactly the same as their payment method, assign customers and executors at their discretion. The service recommends to make settlements between participants of the Service (customer and performer) at the time of actual completion of service. The Service encourages its members to rely only on formal relationships within the framework of the specific transaction and not to have too much trust to each other. Attention! 01.01.2017 part of the system functionality will be provided only if a subscription fee. Using our mobile app or instant notifications to a specified address by e-mail to view and receive new applications will be provided on a paid basis. For all service providers view and taking requests from customers through the personal control panel will remain free.


Service for its part, in the case of using his paid functions, can guarantee the absence of cash flow in some circumstances. For example, if the contractor within the validity period of the paid functionality, not provided a single application, according to the categories location and the duration of the paid functionality is automatically extended for an equivalent period. In this case, the sum is not in favor of the Service, and remains as payment for a paid functional the next forty, equivalent to the previous one. More than that, with the written address in support of the Service and objective support of its claim, the participant system can return all deposited as purchase the paid functionality, amount. Also, the user can always count on a detailed examination of their complaints, questions or suggestions submitted via the feedback form on the website

These rules can be changed in the future without prior notice of users.

The current edition of the text is necessary on 23.02.2016