Repair and construction

Categories of services with examples of demands:

Installation of household appliances

To install the washing machine in a bathroom, to connect a shpyulmashina, to adjust the conditioner in the house - right now in Hamburg

Electric installation work

To repair the socket, it ceased to work

Repair of bathroom equipment

The pipe in a sink was hammered, it is necessary to clean. Perhaps, it is necessary to sort something

Apartment renovation

To paint walls and to lay a laminate, all construction materials are available - inexpensive private traders, quickly and qualitatively

Creation of an interior

To place furniture with taste, to pick up color of curtains, etc. Registration to challah and halls in Hamburg, the help of the designer of rooms

Assembly and dismantling of furniture

To collect the new desk which is recently bought in a box

Service of transport

To replace oil in the Volkswagen Golf car, oil is already bought