Physical help

Categories of services with examples of demands:

Work in a garden and at dacha

To clean old leaves and to dig up the earth under planting of flowers, 5 sq.m., to construct small подновес at dacha

Services of the loader

To transfer 3 boxes with ware from the 2nd floor to the cellar

Shift of furniture

To rearrange a case from the hall in a bedroom, 2 persons in Hamburg are necessary

Export of unnecessary things

To bring to utilization old pillows and mattresses in Hamburg quickly and not expensively

House Cleaning

To clean dust, to make damp cleaning – the hall and 2 sleeping rooms, and also to wash the floor to the room and to be tidied up

Cleaning of the territory

To clean branches, leaves and garbage the yard of the private house

Cleaning of entrances and garages

To sweep and wash an entrance of the five-floor house - to expedite service, it is qualitative and it isn't expensive

Delivery of purchases

To help to bring the TV from SATURN shop cheap and qualitatively