Leisure and rest

Categories of services with examples of demands:

Organization of excursions and trips

The Guide around the city is necessary, interests the center, the museums. Payment for an hour

Carrying out holidays and celebrations

To organize anniversary of my mother, the scenario is, the leader is necessary

Photo and video filming

The professional photographer on a wedding, hourly payment is necessary

Registration of rooms

It is necessary to decorate the hall for holding a corporate party, spheres, posters

Maintenance at cinema, cafe, restaurant

There are 2 tickets at cinema, the movie "Honig im Kopf", it is boring for one

Rent of apartments and dachas

Giving for holding a youth party, 15 people, payment for days is necessary


The traditional restoring massage of a back is necessary, the price is specified in 30 minutes

Creation of crowd, mass meeting

The wife has a birthday, want to congratulate, play, surprise unusually