Mobile devices HamGo application

Get it on Google Play To download the HamGo application for the mobile phone or the tablet DOWNLOAD or download on Google play .

The short instruction to the HamGo appendix


For authorization in system enter the personal number and the password from the account in the HamGo service

Work with demands

Look through the list of demands glancing over them and choose as pressing the demand interesting you for a conclusion of more detailed information

Adoption of the demand

Pressing of the corresponding button accept the demand after that you obtain all necessary data that it could be executed

Purpose of cost

Some demands can appoint the cost service. If the customer accepts your offer, the demand will need to be executed

The list of the accepted demands

The list of earlier accepted demands with detailed information, and also demands with earlier appointed cost is stored in the HamGo appendix

Additional information

If you close and turn on the phone, will automatically continue the application the work with the HamGo service

If from the performer the new demand arrived, you will be notified on it even if the appendix isn't active at present

If the customer accepted the service cost which is earlier appointed by you, you receive the notice on your mobile device

If you accepted the demand and the customer refused it, you receive the notice on a mobile utroystvo, and also by E-mail

If you decided to refuse implementation of the demand after its acceptance, please contact the customer for settlement of a situation