Computer help

Categories of services with examples of demands:

Repair of computers and laptops

At turning on of the laptop the blue screen with white letters

Repair and filling of printers

To put new cartridges in the color printer

Installation and setting up programs

To establish and adjust the Skype program or to help with installation of specific programs in Hamburg, text and graphic

Removal of viruses

To clean annoying advertizing at turning on of the computer

Control of the Internet and Wi-Fi

To connect the new laptop to the house Internet

Connection of devices to the computer

To connect and adjust new game joysticks, the printer, the scanner - to install the house device in Hamburg

Training and consultation

To teach to use e-mail, text editors

Drawing up and paperwork

To make the correct summary with the photo in Hamburg, the help by drawing up beverbung

Services of the designer

It is necessary to issue advertizing leaflets and business cards in one corporate style. We already have a logo of firm, and texts too are ready

Development of the sites and programs

The personal website with several pages of the text and photos, and also a feedback form is necessary